Morning in Tours

I am in love with Tours. Located in the west of France, 3 hours and a half by bus. My friend’s boyfriend told me that Tours is a perfect place for those living their retirement. For elderly, the weather isn’t very cold nor very hot. The coldest temperature is -5’C with very rarely snowing. The […]

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Je Suis Paris

It was raining all night long in Paris. But as I experienced, raining in Europe is nothing compare to tropical rain. And in the UK. It was light rain which I found it sufficient just to cover myself with my winter jacket. It should be a waterproof jacket, at least 4 years ago when someone […]

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Puas di Paris

#14 Paris, Perancis Senin – Kamis, 8 – 11 Agustus 2011 Tiga tahun lalu, gue mengunjungi Paris hanya dalam waktu dua jam. Waktu itu lumayan gila karena seharusnya gue berada di bandara Charles de Gaulle untuk menunggu pesawat gue lepas landas kembali ke Indonesia. Tapi karena mumpung gue berada di Paris, maka gue nekat untuk […]

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