A Pep Talk for Taizé People

Dear my Taizé brothers and sisters, wherever you are in the world when you are reading this. First of all, I’ve got inspired to write this after my “forever roommate”, Carlos from Guatemala, gave his warmest greeting to me on my birthday. I listened to his voice note, and his voice brought me back to […]

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Sebatas Bingkisan

Berhubung gue mau cerita soal kisah roman gue, jadi gue ketik pake bahasa indo aja ya biar meminimalisasi orang-orang yang kenal sama subjek-subjek yang ditulis disini ngebaca tulisan ini hahahaha. Jadi, kayaknya ya setiap kali gue ke Taizé, entah sengaja atau kaga, selalu ada kisah romansa. Tjailah macam romeo antar-benua aja padahal muka ga jauh […]

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Leaving Taizé

Leaving Taizé always that difficult. Especially when you’re not knowing when you will be able to go back here again. Yes we are thousands kilometers apart, and like the other weak human being, I need to be here at least once in several years. And yes, this is my comfort zone, the best one. Oh […]

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Winter Time in Taizé

I think, Taizé in the winter time is the best time to visit. If you’re looking for a very quite and calm time to stop and reflect in this beautiful hill, then the winter time is one of the best. It was only very few people, about 25-30 people on the field. Together with the […]

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Taizé Isn’t My Home

I am on the higher level of happiness when I found myself that I am back in Taizé. After 4 years! 2008, 2011, then 2015. I didn’t plan it, even I never dreamt that I will go back to this little village after I visited it in 2011. But I got the chance and I […]

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My Pilgrimage, Again

Going to Taizé is always been a pilgrimage for me. I remember my first time on 2008, that’s my very first time going to the Europe, and also travelling so much far away. I faced a lot of doubts and those ups and downs. Also in 2011 in the end of my first Eurotrip, there […]

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Moving On From Taizé

Since several months ago, someone put me up on this whatsapp group called “Taizé – Our Little Spring” contains of people from all over Indonesia which related to Taizé. Several of them have been visited Taizé, and mostly never been to Taizé but they’re the organizer of Taizé prayer in their own parish. This loud […]

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